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Newsletter 6 | 2014

VTT - ForestTech Newsletter 06/2014

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Guide to cellulose nanomaterials has been updated
The Guide to cellulose nanomaterials" by VTT has been updated and a 35 page summary in English has been published. The main focus of the updated guide is on the potential and developing applications for cellulose nanomaterials.
TESTAA-project Final Seminar
In Testaa- technology platform new value added products were developed together with VTT, SMEs and large companies. The public Testaa-project has provided an opportunity for the participating companies to test new ideas at VTT´s pilot facilities. The main results were summarised in one day seminar in Jyväskylä and results are now also published here.
Runnability of wet mechanical paper not improved with reinforcement pulp
The doctoral thesis by VTT researcher Jarmo Kouko raises some fundamental aspects in the complex subject of the paper web runnability, and aim to provide tools for the controlling the wet web tension-strain behavior, and ensuring properties of the end product.
The benefit of nanocellulose on paper and board strength
VTT has conducted the first independent and comprehensive benchmark study related to characterisation and application testing of pre-commercial and commercial cellulose nanomaterial grades. According to the results non-wood materials can also be viable options for producing cellulose nanofibrils and can improve paper and paperboard strength properties significantly. The results showed that the addition of only a few percent of fibrillated cellulosic additives into pulp furnishes could improve paper and paperboard wet and dry strength 20-70%.
Boosting the extensibility potential of fibre networks
A comprehensive study about deformability of paper was recently published by VTT scientist. The study covers areas of fibre extensibility, influence of the fibre-fibre bonding and the structure of the fibre network on the final extensibility of paper.
VTT developing an environmentally friendly alternative for polystyrene
While it is used all over the world as a light packaging and insulation material, EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a problem as waste. This is why VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is currently developing an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative for polystyrene from PLA bioplastic, which is derived from organic sources.
Two public research programs, Future Biorefineries Products from Dissolved Cellulose and Future Biorefinery JR 2 published by FIBIC
Two public research programs, Future Biorefineries Products from Dissolved Cellulose and Future Biorefinery JR 2, delivered a remarkable amount of results and new competences. Programs were run by "Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster" FIBIC. The key results are now published in two program reports.
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