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Newsletter 2 | 2015

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ForestTech newsletter 2/2015




Is there any indirect migration of Mineral oil compounds from packages to food?
The European Food Safety Authority has expressed its concern on food contamination with mineral oil hydrocarbons. This has led to the preparation of an ordinance in Germany that limits the maximum content of saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons and aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons in food contact materials and foodstuff.
VTT performs bioeconomy and cleantech research at Bioruukki
VTT has built a piloting centre aimed at refining biomass at Kivenlahti, Espoo. Bioruukki offers companies world-class platform for new technology development and realisation of bioeconomy concepts.
Design kraft pulps with fractionation of softwood and hardwood pulps
Fractionation of final or semi-finished fibres gives advanced possibilities to design pulps with unique fibre characteristics. For example, the tear index increased up to 16% and the fracture toughness index up to 23% of the GW blend sheets by using separate refining of the softwood kraft pulp fractions.
Novel adhesives and insulating foams from softwood bark tannins
In collaboration with its partners, VTT developed tannin extraction from softwood bark as part of an ERA-NET project. At least 130 kg of crude tannin powder can be produced from one tonne of dry wood bark, still leaving 87% of the original bark mass available for incineration. In Finland, tannin could replace, in particular, fossil-based phenols in adhesives used in the wood products industry.
Bio-based pouch for nuts and other award-winning projects in the New Tree competition
VTT's fully bio-based and transparent packaging film won the New Tree competition award in the urbanisation category on 29 January in Helsinki. VTT is also involved in the biodegradable mulch project, the winner of its own category. The goal of the New Tree competition, launched in the autumn of 2014, was to find the best solutions for exploiting wood-based materials.
VTT became a limited liability company
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Centre for Metrology and Accreditation MIKES amalgamated on 1 January 2015. At the same time, VTT became a limited liability company. Erkki KM Leppävuori is the President and CEO of VTT Ltd.
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