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Newsletter 1 | 2015

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ForestTech newsletter 1/2015




Guide to cellulose nanomaterials has been updated
The Guide to cellulose nanomaterials" by VTT has been updated and a 35 page summary in English has been published. The main focus of the updated guide is on the potential and developing applications for cellulose nanomaterials.
3-layer film for modified atmosphere applications
This 3-layer film has a bio-based content over 95% and excellent heat-sealability and barrier properties against oxygen and water vapour. The film was produced by combining a traditional extrusion coating technology.
Lignofibre - Flexible processing of biomass into high-value components
Lignofibre (LGF) organosolv, a process patented by VTT, is based on cooking with organic solvents, such as acetic acid and ethanol, at elevated temperatures (150°C).
Webinar video available: Foam in paper making: From a harm to an asset
Resource efficiency and new product opportunities for the forest sector and fibre based products. Can existing paper and board machines be turned to make over 15% lighter products from less valuable raw materials?
TESTAA-project Final Seminar's presentation material available
In Testaa- technology platform new value added products were developed together with VTT, SMEs and large companies. The public Testaa-project has provided an opportunity for the participating companies to test new ideas at VTT´s pilot facilities. The main results were summarised in one day seminar in Jyväskylä and results are now also published here.
VTT developing an environmentally friendly alternative for polystyrene
While it is used all over the world as a light packaging and insulation material, EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a problem as waste. This is why VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is currently developing an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative for polystyrene from PLA bioplastic, which is derived from organic sources.
Silicate-PCC combination filler for cost effective paper strength
Cost effective concept was proven with calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) treated fillers to increase the filler content of printing paper without losing its strength. The new developed material combinations have also opportunities beyond paper applications.
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