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Newsletter 4 | 2015

VTT - ForestTech Newsletter 04/2015

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  Chemical and enzymatic oxidation using molecular oxygen as a means to valorize technical lignins for materials production  



The results indicate that alkali-O2 oxidation provides wide possibilities to modify molecular mass and charge properties of lignin, which would increase the further application potential of technical lignins....

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Biochemical modification and functionalization of nanocelullose surface 



Biochemical methods are found to be feasible in nanocellulose modification and functionalization to study intrinsic properties of nanocellulose and cellulose binding proteins, and also for creating new functional materials....

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Formability of paper and its improvement potential 



Extensibility of unrestrained dried paper was increased from 4 percentage points (untreated fibres) to 15 to 18 percentage points (mechanical treatment and addition of polymers). The extensibility can be increased further by up to 30 percentage point...

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Dissertation: Modelling the super-equilibria in thermal biomass conversion



A new computational method is presented for describing super-equilibrium states during thermal biomass conversion processes. Process engineering and studies related to combustion, gasification and biofuels are possible applications areas for this met...

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Printed organic photovoltaics widen possibilities in energy production



Organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology has raised significant interest as an energy production technology for the future. Being flexible, lightweight, (semi)transparent, and rollable, OPV devices have a huge potential to spread into a wide spectrum of...

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Event: REFFIBRE workshop in Valencia, Spain



The REFFIBRE project develops tools for evaluating the impact of new production processes,raw material input and product innovations in the paper and cardboard industry.

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