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Newsletter 5 | 2015

VTT - ForestTech Newsletter 05/2015

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New pilot line will improve VTT’s foam forming research capabilities



VTT will build a new foam forming pilot line to offer even more versatile piloting services for its customers. The new line will open up possibilities for widening the range of research topics and potential applications. The pilot line also helps sca...

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VTT turns discarded textiles into cellulosic man-made fibers 



70,000 tonnes of textiles is thrown away in Finland each year, and most of it is currently burned to energy. Around one third of the discarded textiles are made of cotton. Hence there is a huge and underutilized source of cellulosic raw material in Finland only. VTT coordinates a project called The Relooping Fashion Initiative that aims at modelling and demonstrating how closed-loop recycling of discarded textiles into new material can be done. The partners of the project; Ethica, Suez, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre, Seppälä, Pure Waste Textiles and Original Repack, represent the whole closed-loop value chain, and participate in a unique pilot production experiment in Valkeakoski, Finland.....

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The first doctoral dissertation on foam forming leads the way to tailored fibre materials 



Foam forming technology enables resource-efficient production of versatile cellulose-based fibre products ranging from light insulation materials to denser packaging products. Despite intensive technology development during the last few years, the me...

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Mobile and flexible industrial processing of biomass



Transformation of societies into bioeconomies is based on sustainable, efficient and technologically advanced utilization of biomass. Side-streams from forestry and agriculture are considered to be an important source of raw materials for energy, che...

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New method to test barrier properties against mineral oil compounds



A method for testing the mineral oil barriers of packaging materials has been developed at VTT, as a response to the need to protect foodstuff against contamination by mineral oil compounds. The method is a modification of the so-called cup test with...

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Production of renewable fuels from forest residues is the most economically feasible solution under Finnish conditions



Liquid hydrocarbon fuels will continue to be needed in the transport sector, in addition to improvements in efficiency and switch to electric vehicles. Renewable transportation fuels produced from forest residues have proved to be the most economical...

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