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Newsletter 2 | 2016

VTT - ForestTech Newsletter 02/2016

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Foam-forming of nonwoven products offers new opportunities - Join the consortium and become a forerunner



Foam forming offers possibilities to develop new fibre-based products, save production costs and reduce environmental impacts. The benefits of this technology have already been explored and accepted in paper and board making, and the next step is to move towards nonwoven industry. VTT is now gathering a consortium to clarify the potential of foam forming technology for manufacturing of nonwoven products.

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Urban Mill Concept - System solutions for converting municipal and industrial wastes into fuels, materials and energy



Today, regulations and norms direct waste from landfilling to material and energy use. In Finland, the landfill ban on organic waste came into force in January 2016. The long-term objective of societies is to replace fossil and first generation renewable fuels with liquids and gases produced from low-value by-products and wastes, such as residues from agriculture and forestry, energy crops, or municipal and industrial waste streams. Together with industrial partners, VTT has introduced the so-called Urban Mill concept, which combines utilization of urban waste streams and production of fuels and materials.

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Smart and tunable membranes from cellulose nanofibrils 



Membranes are selective semi-permeable barriers, which are highly demanded in technological fields ranging from water purification to biosensors and analytics. Each membrane application has its own characteristic performance requirements, which makes tunable film materials particularly attractive. The outstanding characteristics of wood-based cellulose nanofibrils, such as high aspect ratio and strong film-forming tendency, make them intriguing materials for advanced membranes. As part of the international NanoSelect consortium, VTT has developed technologies that harness cellulose nanofibrils for the use of tunable nano-enhanced membrane materials.

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A new bio-based barrier film prevents migration of mineral oil residuess



Breakfast cereals are typically packaged in paper and board packaging with or without inner bags. Cereals are usually consumed without further processing, which underlines the concerns about the safety of food contact packaging materials. VTT has invented a new bio-based barrier film against migration of mineral oil components from packaging to food.

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Designing cellulose for the future – Exhibition and seminar in Helsinki, Finland, on May 16-18, 2016



The Designing Cellulose for the Future II is the second design and materials research oriented seminar exploring the future applications of cellulose, the renewable Finnish natural resource. Come and discover a diverse range of new cellulose-based materials and new technologies. Explore ideas for circular economy business models and novel applications for textiles, building, 3D printing and many more. Network with the exhibitors and speakers: designers, material researchers and businesses involving the current cellulose field.

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Upcoming VTT Webinar – Biocomposites: Insights and a Patent Landscape on May 17, 2016



This webinar reviews the status of thermoplastic biocomposite research as well as the limitations and biggest challenges. The current research and industry trends will be highlighted by examining the patent landscape. Additionally, the valorization potential of forest and agro side streams will be exhibited through case studies.

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VTT takes part in the International Wood Biorefining Week (IWB) in Stockholm on May 24 - 26, 2016



VTT will come to Stockholm with leading experts, conference presentations, spin-offs and demo projects. Discover what the brightest brains and state-of-the-art infra can do for your business.

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