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Newsletter 3 | 2016

VTT - ForestTech Newsletter 03/2016

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Improving performance of corrugated board in varying humidity and temperature – Join the CrossBoard program



Corrugated board boxes are frequently exposed to varying humidity and temperature during transport and storage, which affects their performance. In the CrossBoard program, novel cost-efficient concepts are sought for creating technically and aesthetically superior corrugated board that is dimensionally stable in varying humidity and temperature conditions.

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Captivating concept products made from cellulose



The DWoC project aims at making Finland the source of value-added cellulosic products and business concepts and to accelerate the transformation of the current large-scale forest industry into a dynamic, competitive ecosystem for the bioeconomy containing both large and small-scale businesses. Innovative cellulosic material structures and new product concepts were presented at an exhibition in Helsinki.

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Foam allows forming of long fibers into webs 



With a traditional water-laid process fibers longer than a couple millimeters, can be formed into webs only in highly diluted conditions. However, as VTT's pilot runs have recently demonstrated, foam allows forming of long fibers with consistencies that are used in present-day paper machines.

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Determination of surfactants in process waters



One commonly used surfactant is the anionic surface active agent sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). Only the monomer form of the surfactant is able to reduce the surface tension of liquid. In order to control the functionality and removal of surfactants in process waters, the amount of surfactant in different processing steps needs to be known.

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