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Newsletter 4 | 2016

VTT - ForestTech Newsletter 04/2016

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Thermoplasticity would widen the range of applications of cellulose



Cellulose would be even more widely used if was thermoplastic, either intrinsically or due to functionalization. Functionalization of cellulose is easier if cellulose is reactive enough. One way to increase reactivity is to decrease molar mass of cellulose molecules in a controlled manner. VTT has developed technologies to achieve this.

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Tunable nanocellulose and hemicellulose films for packaging purposes



Lignocelluloses, such as nanocelluloses and hemicelluloses, offer a promising feedstock for completely new functional materials, such as humidity sensors and smart and bioactive films. Novel films for packaging purposes as well as smart and intelligent packaging solutions have been developed in the EU-financed WoodWisdom-Net project called TunableFilms, coordinated by VTT.

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Side streams from paper production can be used in composites



The paper and board industry has a long experience with the use of cellulose fibres for the production of paper and board. Throughout the sector's production processes, however, significant amounts of valuable components, such as fibres and mineral fillers, are lost in the form of side streams. In the Reffibre project, various side streams components from paper mills were demonstrated as feedstock for new plastic composites.

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