R&D Breakthroughs in Biomaterials, Packaging and Media 

”Working with VTT is a great experience, their flexibility and multi-technology competencies are unmeasurable assets that help us speed up our R&D.” Jean-Paul Leonetti, VP, R&D director Deinove

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VTT’s services cover all key stages of our customer’s innovation process. We can support your company’s RDI from the foresights to the market entry. With value chain approach we can combine technologies into cross-disciplinary solutions as well as bring players along the value chain into effective joint projects. For different innovation stages and purposes we have different ways of cooperating with you. Read more on the boxes below.

various customers

  • From the raw-materials ..

    From the raw-materials ..

    Make the most out of the achievable raw materials. VTT helps you in evaluating the future business opportunities and developing the processes accordingly.

    Our customer industries range from pulp mills to mining and from starch producers to biofuel refiners. The main technological targets are the same; moving towards biomaterials, use of side- and waste streams and adjusting the material properties to meet the needs of the value chain.


  • .. through processing ..

    .. through processing ..

    Gain resource efficiency by utilizing new raw-materials and advanced process technologies. VTT supports its customers’ innovation process from foresight to market entry. Many of our customers come from the value chains of printed media, packaging and composites. Topical technologies that we are developing with our customers include foam technologies, nanocellulose applications, biopackaging and surface functionalization.


  • .. to the market

    ..to the market

    Find the new business opportunities and make them a reality with VTT. Our services cover the whole RDI workflow from consumer insight through road mapping and technology development to market entry. RDI is typically done in collaboration with customers’ value chain partners.

    Sustainability issues and novel materials and features in packaging are key issues in the competition between brands. Research in biomaterials, printed functionality and resource efficiency are cornerstones of VTT’s services.


Various co-operation types

  • For Your Company Exclusively

    For Your Company Exclusively

    To support your company’s RDI-process VTT offers you confidental contract research projects. The targets in these projects are set by you and projects are planned in collaboration. Projects vary in size from spesific pre-studies to development of industrial concepts. The projects are started fast and delivered efficiently. We can also consult in public funding issues. The new IPR is owned by the customer company.

    Typical features:

    - Duration: from 2 weeks to 4 years

    - Budget: 30k€ - 2 million €


  • For Company Consortia

    Company Consortia

    When a group of companies have a shared interest, VTT can support in creating the suitable consortia and provide the RDI needed. Value chain consortia can be either horizontal or vertical. Horizontal consortia typically aims to new products and/or increasing the efficiency of the value chain operations. Vertical consortia targets to find solutions for a branch spesific challenges.

    Typical features:

    Duration: from 3 months to 3 years

    Budget: 50k€ - 2 million €


  • EU and other public funded projects

    Public funded projects

    VTT actively participates in EU- and other publicly funded research programs. Programs are typically multinational and cross-scientific and their timeframe is long. Companies are welcome to join the programs.

    Typical features:

    - Duration: from 2 to 10 years

    - Budget:1 to 10 million €

    - Opportunity to network with the research community and industry


“VTT’s insight in novel technologies supports our business development” Jukka Kilpeläinen, svp Group R&D and Technology, Stora Enso Oyj